Moving Checklist

Plan your Move Early & Avoid Stress – Whether you’re moving to or from Antelope Valley, plan early for an organized and smooth move. We suggest things to consider and give you a printable form to prepare your own unique checklist and planning schedule. Get your entire family involved so you don’t overlook items. The kids will enjoy preparing their own list of reminders. Here is a list of items to consider:

Prepare A File For Moving Expense Receipts and Paperwork – Your expenses could be tax-deductible or reimbursable by your employer. Create a book or folder where you can keep important paperwork and notes that outline what you have done and what still needs to be done.

Transfer of Important Records – Request medical records from doctors, dentists, and x-ray labs. Get school transcripts and immunization records for your children. Place all records and documents in one container properly labeled for quick access.

Get Rid Of Un-needed Items – It’s time to have that garage sale. Or consider donating items to charity to lighten the moving load and expense. Go Through your garage, drawers, and closets and get rid of things you’ll never use. Call your local government to see how to safely dispose of hazardous materials or other items that you cannot pack or move with you. Dispose of such items.

Pack Infrequently Used Items Early – Progressively begin packing items that you won’t use until arriving at your new home. This would include out-of-season clothing, kitchen gadgets, toys, formal dinner china, and etcetera.

Moving Companies/Services – Research moving methods and moving companies. Find and hire a company that meets your needs early on in the moving process. Set up any specialty services that you will need such as pet movers. Obtain moving insurance after you have chosen a moving company.

Change Of Address Notification – Advise friends, relatives, and creditors of your new address and phone number. Advise creditors via mail and consider a blanket email to friends and relatives for convenience. Also advise the IRS, Social Security, State tax department and provide a forwarding address to the US Post Office.

Schedule Utility Turn-Off Dates – Give your water, electric, gas, cable television, and newspaper providers turn-off dates and request any deposit returns.

Food & Consumable Items – Begin winding down your food pantry items and consumable goods. Buy new items and food goods as you need them in small quantities to minimize packing and moving loads.

Important Documents – Clean out your files and discard documents no longer needed. Pack all important documents in the same box(es), properly labeled. If you are driving to your new community, take important documents with you.

Vehicle Transport – Begin soliciting estimates for vehicle transport and arrange a transport schedule.

Keepsakes & Valuables – Before packing these items, take photographs so you can be sure that all keepsakes, valuables, antiques, and etcetera make their way to your new home. Use protective packing techniques to prevent damage. Consider keeping all such items in your possession during your relocation. Jewelry and similar valuables should be placed in secure containers held closely in your possession.

Pack A Travel Kit – If you will be driving, place crucial items in one place for quick access.

Arrange For Utility Turn-Ons – Arrange for power, gas, phone, cable, and newspaper turn-ons at your new home for convenience and comfort when arriving at your destination.

Mover Estimates & Schedule – Solicit competitive estimates and reserve schedules. Read your bill of lading and estimate conditions carefully. Be present at loading and unloading to verify a complete delivery and protect against rough handling. Immediately advise and note any damages.

Order Boxes & Packing Supplies – It’s always best to pack small items yourself for inventory control and to save on moving costs.

The above are general reminders and suggestions. Use our moving checklist forms to detail the schedule of various phases. As you think of other reminders, add them to the checklist form.

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